Optical element machining Technology

Wide range of high precision products are made possible by
a strong engineering background

Optical Element Machining Technology is a processing technology built up in the manufacturing of Ricoh Camera, replacement lenses and lenses for a copying machine. These technologies were developed further onto the application toward LSU (Laser Scanning Unit) , Optical Engine for PJ (Projector) , and projection lens units with a higher quality standard attained.
We have met strict requirements for high precision, especially on lenses for LSU by developing and manufacturing our own tooling and machinery in-house, combined together with years of know-how. Our further progressing to achieving extremely high precision of f-theta lens, Toric lens, cylindrical lens, and mirrors, has permitted a wide variety of applications of LSU in specialty field, such as medical equipments, commercial printing machines, printers for photographic laboratory, etc.
Moreover, along with the establishment of business division for Optical Engine used in projectors and other projection lens units, we have been focusing on manufacture of large diameter lens, in-house production of cross-prisms, and the processing of various planer polishing. Our proven cases with customers and years of practical experiences have enabled us to handle various requirements over a wide range.
Having a strong engineering background, Ricoh Optical continues to supply lenses of an even higher quality that virtually enhances the features described in customers' technical drawings. This can be achieved, because Ricoh Optical fully understands the characteristics of customers' products and its application, and would develop them fully in optical element processing.

Processing Examples

・f-theta Lens Clear aperture <= 300 mm in diameter
・Toric Lens Radius <= 300mm (For Scanning Direction)
Radius <= 150mm (For Processing Direction)
・Cylindrical Lens Radius <= 300mm, Lengths <= 140mm
(In the case radius <= 150, lengths of 510mm can be done)
・Glass Molded Lens Proven production of large diameter 43mm
・Circular Spherical Lens <= 300mm in diameter
・Cross-prisms 21mm x 21mm, 26mm x 26mm, 32mm x 32mm, 38mm x 38mm, 45mm x 45mm
・Cemented lenses, and combinations of diverse lens surfaces can also be done
・Material Processing Ricoh Optical also works with various optical materials, Crystals (Quartz glass), Fluorite, and others specialized materials as well e.g. Ge (Germanium).

Sample processing and small log production will be considered upon request.

  • Optical Element Machining Technology
  • Optical Element Machining Technology
  • Optical Element Machining Technology
  • Optical Element Machining Technology

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